Natural solar energy

Save on your electricity bills and go green.


Green energy is our passion. We offer modern and eco-friendly photovoltaic installations for homes and businesses.

We have been installing solar panels since 2015. We know that photovoltaics is the energy of the future. Therefore, the solutions we offer are of the highest quality, tested and certified.

We provide an end-to-end service – starting with the audit and measurements, to selection of appropriate elements and components, building the installation, arranging all formalities, acceptance and delivery of relevant documents. We will be your partner at every stage of the project.


Hybrid photovoltaic installation

Mam Energy - Instalacje systemów hybrydowych - Fotowoltaika
According to forecasts, the price of electricity around the world will get higher every year. Will a hybrid photovoltaic installation help make us independent of electricity price increases? Installations with energy storage are just becoming more and more popular. They help optimise the difference between volatile production and energy consumption. A hybrid photovoltaic installation is a combination of an on-grid system that uses the power grid and an autonomous off-grid system.


Solar energy for your home

With photovoltaic installations you can easily save on your home electricity bills. More and more people are opting for this solution. We meet the requirements of our customers. We prepare design for individual customers as well as all products and accessories required to install photovoltaics for their home.

MAM ENERGY - Photovoltaics, Photovoltaic Installations - For Home


Green energy for business

MAM ENERGY - Photovoltaics, Photovoltaic Installations - For Businesses

Corporate social responsibility also means care of the environment. This is why many businesses rely on the introduction of modern solutions. By producing your own electricity from solar energy, you can save money and use the surplus in your business. We fully support for the installation of solar panels in businesses and organisations. We provide full support of the implementation – starting with design, to installation and formal issues.

Collect even a few thousand PLN for your photovoltaic installation

With so many different subsidy schemes, financing offers for installation of photovoltaic panels are available to everyone.


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Meet the green energy experts

Our team includes experienced designers, installers, auditors, fitters and service technicians. We’re here for you.

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