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Installations with energy storage

Gain self-sufficiency that comes with photovoltaics in a hybrid installation.

Energy storage for a photovoltaic installation is a way to store the surplus electricity produced. Hybrid photovoltaics combine an on-grid and off-grid system. A hybrid photovoltaic installation is a solution to the problem of power shortages in bad weather or battery discharge and sudden power cut to the building. The inverters used in the installation work with the grid and energy storage.

Hybrid photovoltaic installation works on a simple principle. Energy surplus is directed to storage and when the storage is charged – it is directed to the grid. The energy storage for a photovoltaic installation has an auxiliary function. If it runs out, the customer switches to energy from the energy supplier. Hence even during a prolonged period of cloudy days, the household will not be left without electricity. Combining photovoltaics with energy storage helps increase the auto-consumption of energy by up to 95 percent. By comparison, it is 10-40 percent of current usage for a conventional installation. The rest is directed to the grid.

A solution to ensure self-sufficiency is therefore a hybrid photovoltaic installation. The price of this kind of system depends on several factors, including the components used. Contact us for a full quote.

End-to-end offer

We are committed to providing end-to-end support to our clients at every stage of the investment. Starting from audit and quotation to implementation and service.

High quality

We use only high-quality, certified components. This is why our hybrid photovoltaic installation is reliable.


We offer not only assembly of photovoltaic installations, but also ongoing service support. The components we use are covered by manufacturer’s guarantee.