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Business and being green can go hand in hand. Switch to photovoltaics!

Electricity bills are a constant and quite considerable expense for any business. But now you can lower them effectively. All you need is to install solar panels that will produce the energy necessary to run your business. Pay less for electricity and grow your business.

End-to-end service

We provide support and advice at every stage of your investment. We will prepare the audit and quotation, carry out the installation and offer maintenance.

High quality

We use only products of reputable brands in installations, fully tested and safe. Panels and other elements feature appropriate certificates and approvals.


We will assist in obtaining EU or local government grants. We will support you when applying for a loan to install solar panels.

What else would you like to know about panels? Check out our reference implementations.

Want to learn more about photovoltaics? Go through the most frequently asked questions and find answers to your questions.

You are also welcomed to visit our gallery. Check our implementation of photovoltaic installations for companies and institutions. Learn about solar panels and see how they can work for you.

The use of photovoltaics by your business will let you reduce bills, obtain clean energy and limit the effects of fluctuating electricity prices. Modern solar panel systems are efficient as well as affordable and ensure short payback time. Photovoltaics are an ideal solution for entrepreneurs.

The installation is completely safe for humans and animals. It makes no noise, produces no harmful compounds and CO2. It is fully eco-friendly.

A standard ON-GRID (mains connected) installation must be shut down when the mains power fails and will then not supply electricity to the building. The emergency operation mode is only possible for grid-independent photovoltaic installations (OFF-GRID).

Poland has similar insolation conditions to Germany, which is the European leader in energy production from renewable sources, including solar energy. Average annual insolation of the earth’s surface calculated for the entirety of Poland is about 900 – 1100 kWh/m2, which means an annual production of about 110-150 kWh of electricity from m2 of photovoltaic module.